Why is Honda the UK’s Best-Selling Motorcycle Brand?

Honda is arguably one of the best-selling motorcycle brands in the UK. According to Statistica, Honda has been the leading motorcycle brand sold in the UK for the past four years with an average annual sales of approximately 20,000 units. It is followed by Yamaha, Triumph, and BMW. Piaggio completes the list of the top 5 best-selling motorcycles in the UK. What makes Honda so successful in the UK? Here are a few reasons why:

Unmatched quality level

Most Honda owners in the UK are confident that ever since they made the decision to purchase a Honda, they have never been interested in purchasing any other brand. This is because of the quality level of Honda bikes. Honda offers consumers with the best quality motorcycles. Most of these motorcycles can drive over 300,000 miles before requiring any repair. They also have one of the best quality finishes making them the best options in the UK roads today. Genuine Honda motorbike parts are also very easily accessible when needed.

Aesthetically pleasing motorcycles

Unlike most other motorcycle manufacturers, Honda prides itself in producing motorcycles that are practical. They ensure they produce motorcycles that are great looking. They also take pride in manufacturing motorcycles that are unique and comfortable to ride on. So, if you are looking for either a pre-owned or used motorcycle in the UK, then you should consider Honda motorcycles as one of your best choices.

Great fuel mileage

With the increased prices of fuel experienced in the UK, one of the most essential features motorcycle purchasers will be looking for is high fuel mileage. Honda has or the longest time been known to offer one of the best rates in fuel mileage in the world. This is an important feature especially if you are using a bike as your daily means of transport. Honda ensures that you get more mileage to the fuel and thus helps reduce the levels of air pollution.

Outstanding safety ratings

One of the reasons why Honda motorcycles continue to be popular in the UK is due to their exceptional safety ratings. They have been able to build numerous safety systems and features into their motorcycles. Some of these features include a combined braking system and ABS system. They also pride themselves as the only motorcycle brands with airbag-equipped motorcycles. All these features have proven to be very effective in minimizing injuries and accidents on the road.

Honda motorbike parts are affordable and easily accessible

Honda has a wider network of service centres and dealers in the UK and therefore their parts are easily accessible and very affordable. Honda parts are also more durable than any other bike spares and have better after sale services. So whether you are doing upgrades, repairs or maintenance, you can easily get Honda motorbike parts fast. This is one of the reasons Honda bikes are the bestselling in the UK.


With all these quality features of Honda bikes, then there is no doubt that Honda is the best-selling motorcycle brand in the UK. If you haven’t yet purchased one then you are lacking a lot. Get one and experience these features first-hand.

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