What are Signs of a Bad Torque Converter?

Vehicles need proper maintenance in order to work properly, over a period of time, the owner may see the change in the way or manner their car operates. In such cases, the best way is to get your car checked at PATC; they are one of the most reliable people delivering results rather than the long waits. There are several signs, one can notice in the case of a Bad Torque converter in their vehicles. The torque converter is the device in your car, that handles, how much fluid of the car gets transmitted to its automatic transmission. The torque converter allows the engine to continue the running even when the car is completely halted.

What is the torque converter?

The torque converter is an important vehicle component and thus requires proper maintaining too. If this car part is damaged then it can cause really bad behavior in your car, the car can have erratic behavior such as slipping and shuddering. To identify the exact cause of such behavior in the car is not at all easy, there can be a lot of potential problems that may be affecting the performance of the car.

Signs of Torque Converter Problems

Bad torque behavior means there is simple and seriously something bad with your car; the transmission problems are not very simple to identify. There are, however, some signs that can help you gauge the problem, the most common of symptoms is the overheating of the vehicle, the slipping of the vehicle, the shuddering, high stall speeds, dirty fluid, strange noises and behavior and so on.

The shuddering is also a sign of torque going bad, since if your car speed is just at about 30 to 45 mph that is. If the torque behavior is bad, it will make you feel like the car is riding on the rough patch of the road. Shuddering comes without warning,and it can give a shock.

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