Plus Sizing: Here Are The Pros And Cons Before You Upgrade To Bigger Rims And Tires

Before you upgrade to bigger rims and tires, you should fully inform yourself regarding plus sizing. There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages that you are presented with. There’s a reason a lot of people prefer the stock experience of Mercedes Benz factory rims while there are those that wish to improve upon those.

Different people have their own reasons as to why they make the jump. You probably already have one solid reason in your mind, but you should still consider the factors below before going through.

  1. Shorter and wider tires are better at handling

It’s no secret that tires with a faster ability to spin while still covering a lot of ground will be able to turn corners a whole lot better compared to other wheels. If you are upsizing for the width of the tires, then you will greatly benefit when it comes to the handling aspect.

Wider tires will also give you an improved ability when accelerating and decelerating because of the friction of the tires. With that being said, there are also drawbacks. The wear and tear on the brakes are going to be a lot more apparent and it will also take more engine power to get the wheels rolling.

  1. A lot of people find its aesthetic visually more pleasing

For whatever reason, a lot of people find that plus-sized rims and tires are a lot better to look at. This may be because they stand out a lot more when compared to typical stock wheels. If you are trying to add that much-needed oomph to your vehicle’s look, then plus sizing is the way to go.

You should also take note that there are Mercedes Benz factory rims that you can install that will greatly affect how your car is perceived and it doesn’t always have to be plus sized. Maintaining the size of the wheels while changing the aesthetic is entirely possible though takes a lot more research.

  1. Pickup trucks may not be what you want to upgrade the wheels of

It may be tempting to do so, but pickup trucks aren’t ideally the best vehicles to upgrade the wheels of because of the arched look that you are going to get when the upgrade is finished.

  1. Be prepared for the costs

When creating a budget for plus sizing, you shouldn’t stop your count as soon as you get your wheels upgraded. The cost of maintenance will increase due to the different specification of your car. More weight due to bigger wheels may also affect how much fuel your vehicle consumes.

The braking system and suspension are two performance related aspects that you have to take into consideration when upgrading your wheels. A great thing, however, is that the durability of your car, as long as you chose wheels that are optimized for it, can be improved which leads to a longer lifespan.

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