Benefits of using a car accident attorney in Toledo

These days the amount of traffic is constantly increasing as roads, freeways, and highways expand. With the increase in numbers of traffic, comes various risks as well. A single defect in an automobile or loss of concentration in a driver can lead to disaster. Not only do these accidents cause major injuries or loss of life, but financial burden. Even a small accident can have a dramatic effect in those areas as well.

There are many car manufacturers in the market who do not follow the consumer laws properly. For instance, some of them do not offer a warranty to the car users. Groth & Associates has been working in this industry for many years and have gathered knowledge and experience in this area. These lawyers have worked with many car owners who bought or leased a defective car, truck or any other vehicle.

Toledo car accident attorney  is very important for you if you have recently bought a car. We mostly work on the below-mentioned cases:

  • Warranty problem or unlawful warranty
    Defective breaks, headlights or any other part of the car.
  • Apart from these common ones, there are many other services that are offered by our lawyers.
  • Defective airbags

Areas we can help you

According to various studies, the number of accidents taking place every day is increasing. According to the report published by Ohio Department of Public Safety, more than 10,000 road accidents took place. Majority of these accidents resulted in vehicle damage, however, some of the accidents were fatal as well. On an average around 30 accidents took place in the year 2016 – which is a very huge number.

However, these numbers alone do not decide the whole story. Our concern lies in the below mentioned areas:

  • What is the financial difficulty that the injured person or his/her family is facing?
    Often it is noticed that even after healing of the physical injuries, drivers are left with mental injuries as well.
  • These areas are very important and our lawyers make proper use of the Toledo car accident attorney to deal with these issues.
  • After the accident for how long was the driver not coming to work?

Know your rights

There are many laws that are not known to most of us. Some of them are Federal Odometer Act and Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. These laws are specifically designed to prevent any kind of fraud that a vehicle user might face. Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge regarding these laws and hence they can surely help you regarding your car as well.

We deal with any law that surrounds your vehicle. We make sure that you are secured and safe. We deal with all kinds of accidents including fatal accidents as well which is always a plus point.

Below we have mentioned some tips that will help you regarding an accident. Make sure that you follow them.

  • Click a picture of the accident scene so that we can have a better idea regarding the accident.
  • On a piece of paper write down all the incidents that took place before and after the accident. Make sure that you do this immediately after the accident happens. This will help us to know the situation better.

Take the phone number and picture of the witness of the accident.

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