5 major types of truck accidents

The business of transportation is one of the most profitable as well as important businesses in the world. But with the growing popularity of the transportation business, the number of trucks on the roads has increased rapidly. This has resulted in an increased number of truck accidents.

Here are the 5 major types of truck accidents:

  1. Rollover accidents: Trucks and buses are of large dimensions and are tall in height. As science says the higher the structure is from the ground the more unstable it is. This aptly fits in the case of buses and trucks. Truck or bus rollover is one of the major causes of accidents. It has claimed many lives and also damages the goods and property of customers. The taller and larger dimensions of buses and trucks make them prone to being rolled over. Sudden turning or braking in speed easily causes bus or truck to overturn and roll over.
  2. Overloaded truck accidents: In many cases for maximum profit and low running cost the truck employers insist on overloading the vehicle. This is the most serious issue in most countries. Loading trucks beyond its capacity make it extremely prone to accidents. It greatly affects its brakes, stability, suspension setups, and engine. Due to the decreases efficiency of brakes and reduced stability, even a minor bump on the road can cause the truck to overturn.
  3. Jackknifing accident: Jackknife means folding of the truck’s trailer. The truck and the trailer form the acute angle between them. Trucks with 18 wheels are mostly involved in jackknifing accident. The trailer crashes into the other vehicles on the road and causes a mishap. Many people have lost their lives due to this accident across the world. jackknifing also causes the truck to overturn in some cases. Speeding and rash turning are the major causes of jackknifing accidents. The trailer gets bent and causes the truck to become unstable.

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  1. Sideswipe collision: Trucks have a huge road presence and they occupy a lot of space. Due to this, the sideswipe collision is one of the most common types of truck accidents. In this case, the truck collides sideways with a vehicle. In most of the cases, this causes serious injuries or even death. Sideswipe accidents occur due to inexperienced truck drivers, rash driving, turning without an indicator, changing lane abruptly or due to the negligence of the driver. In most of the cases the truck driver changes lane suddenly and due to this, the small cars get swiped off by the truck.
  2. Failure to inspect the truck: Not inspecting the trucks properly before starting the journey can be fatal and can cause an accident. In fact, this is also one of the causes of truck accidents. It is the duty of the truckers to inspect the headlights and tail-lamps, engine oil and transmission, rear hazard and warning stickers, visibility and other vital mechanical parts of the truck before commencing the journey. A truck with failed lights or without hazard stickers is extremely dangerous at night.

It is important for you to be alert and careful while driving to avoid mishap or crash with trucks. But if you happen to be a victim of the truck accident then you can claim compensation for your losses.

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